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Welcome to Custom Cacti, a charming, family-run venture in Victoria, brought to life by a husband and wife team passionate about art, botany, and childcare. We specialise in unique pot painting and planting workshops, offering a creative escape where art meets nature. Bringing the experience to your doorstep, we ensure a convenient and personal touch for every session. Our workshops ignite your artistic flair and connect you with the calming and nurturing aspects of plant care. Join us for an enriching experience that blends creativity, relaxation, and the joy of nurturing your own plant buddy.

what makes us Different


Enjoy painting your pot your way, with options from free-style creativity to guided artistic journeys

Planting & Care Learning

It's not just painting – discover the joys of planting and gain valuable insights into succulent and cactus care


Handpicked by expert botanists, our easy-care succulents and cacti ensure a thriving green addition to your space

A Memorable Experience

Join our unique, welcoming workshops where creativity, nature, and community blend into unforgettable experiences

Explore more treasures

Not just for workshop enthusiasts, our online shop boasts a variety of hand-painted pots, DIY pot painting kits, custom pot plant arrangements, and unique cacti accessories. Dive into our collection for more ways to bring creativity and nature into your space!

Perfect for Every Group Event

At Custom Cacti, our pot painting parties are not just for individual enthusiasts – they’re ideal for larger gatherings too! Whether you’re planning a team-building exercise, a unique hens night, or looking for an engaging school incursion, our workshops are tailored to fit. Our sessions foster collaboration, creativity, and fun, making them perfect for your next group event!

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