Plant Care


Our plants are watered every Sunday during Summer and on the 1st of the month for the rest of the year. When you receive your plant, please don’t water for 10-14 days. This is to help give the plant time to settle and help their roots recover.

Step 1: Water evenly on the top of the gravel/soil until water starts running out of the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot (Note: it may take some time for the water to pass through the gravel)

Step 2: Leave your plant on the sink until no water is coming out of the drainage hole

Step 3: Repeat once a fortnight on summer months and once a month the rest of the year

Succulents and cacti store their water in their leaves/stems, so even if their soil is dry, they can still be very hydrated. Think of watering your succulents as if it were raining in the dessert. Make sure that they get a full water (soil is fully saturated) as you would with normal plant, just don’t do it as often!

(Note: Lithop varieties will survive being watered only twice a year, if you’re ever unsure whether to water or not, do not! Lithops also should not be watered until Spring if they are growing new leaves)


Summer/Spring: Place your Custom Cacti in a spot that gets plenty of morning light and not much of that harsh afternoon sun. If outdoors, place your plant under some a little bit of shade (under cover or below a taller plant) especially during hot summer days.

Winter/Autumn: Your plant will need more light during the colder seasons so please place them in a spot with plenty of light all day long. If your lacking in sunlight we have plant ligths perfect for you! We recommend all our plants to be indoors all year round but especially during winter. This is because the rain will keep the soil too moist for a long period of time. If you are planning on keeping your plant outside, please place them undercover until at least spring to give them the best chance of survival.