How to make your DIY pot plant

What You'll NeeD

  • Paper towel
  • Cup of water
  • Gloves for handling soil (disposable ones are suitable)
  • Spoon
  • Clean scissors
  • Sealant (optional)

Paint your pot

Paint your pot using the provided paint and paintbrush. Make sure you use your water to wet the paintbrush and dry off excess water using the paper towel before use. Allow for the paint to dry completely before continuing on to the next step.

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Optional Step:
Seal Your Pot

If you want your design to last a lifetime or if you are planning on storing your pot plant outside, we recommend you seal your pots for extra protection. Pick a sealant that is suitable for outdoors and has UV protection. Apply 2 thin coats allowing each coat to dry completely.

Prep your plant

Your plant will need some TLC before being potted up. Firstly, gently squeeze the sides of the black plastic pot to release your plant. Using a clean pair of scissors trim the roots of your succulent to about 2 inches in length. This will allow your succulent to fit in the pot and also encourage new root development.

Pro-tip: If you don’t have thorn resistant gloves, wrap some paper around the spiky bits and hold on to the base of the plant to help protect your hands.

Pot up your plant

Using a spoon, place a layer of soil at the bottom of your pot. Place the plant in your painted pot (around 3/4 of the way in for taller, heavier cacti and 1/2 way in for lighter succulents). Top up the side of the plant with soil, gently pack the soil around the plant to anchor your plant in place. Leave around 1-1.5cm space for your gravel.

Add your topping

Sprinkle your gravel/crystals on top of the soil and use your spoon to flatten it in place.

Admire your beautiful cretion!

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